Tuesday, January 12, 2010

NHL Alumni Ontario Hockey Tour

Anyone living in the Simcoe, Brantford, Chatham areas?
If so come check out our NHL Alumni Hockey Tour...for further information visit

NHL Alumni Hockey Schedule
Presented by: Scotibank

If anyone has been to a game before please let us know what you think of the game...

NHL Alumni


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  2. are the same players playing at each game?

  3. The roster switches up a bit for each game. If you are interested in a specific game please let me know and I can send you the roster.

  4. It would be really nice if the rosters were published on this website with a link from the schedule. I went to Belleville for the game on the weekend, but we had really no idea who was going to be there. I think it would generate more interest from the public to know who is going to be there even a week before the event.